LEGO A ‘Better Investment than Gold?

It would be undoubtedly a great news for them who bought the Ultimate gold legoCollector’s Millennium Falcon set at £342 in 2007 as the price of this popular toy has reached nearly £3,000 as it is being sold on eBay now. This indicates the rising of the value of certain kits around 12 per cent in the past 15 years where the gold price is lowering down by 9.6 per cent.

As soon as the LEGO prices go out of the production, the value of the second-hand LEGO sets those are kept in perfect condition has been greatly increased. Along with the last year’s release, certain modern LEGO sets are performing strongly as these are being sold with 36 per cent hike from their original prices.

It is true that the practice of buying LEGO with the purpose of selling them later indicates the potential deprivation of a group of people from the opportunity to buy them. It is undoubtedly an unpleasant practice for some people. But keeping on mind the raising price of LEGO and its valuable service of the resellers on its ‘retired’ sets are profitable option when there are some people who are ready to pay for them.

The Most Valuable Sets of LEGO

As per the trend of increasing price of LEGO, it has been noticed the bigger and rarer sets worth the most. But since the range of LEGO is being frequently refreshed, any older set that is large enough, can be priced upwards as £1,000.

In the top price list of LEGO, the popular set of Star Wars has been reported to sell eight times higher with the winning bids of £2,712 on eBay and other relevant websites.

In the list, the second position is occupied by Café Corner, the popular set whose price has been ascended from £89.99 of 2007 to £2,096 in 2015 with the whopping of 2,230%.

Another popular LEGO set is the Taj Mahal of 2008 which is consisted of about 6,000 pieces. Its price has risen from £199.99 to £1,848.

Therefore, it is the time for investment in LEGO, as it seems to be more profitable than investment in shares and gold.

Seven Tips for Investment in LEGO:

  • In someone is really interested about particular LEGO set, it is suggested to buy two sets- one for building up and another for rainy day saving. Even some of the used LEGO sets can reach higher price than their original retail prices. So storing some large and exclusive LEGO sets for future resell can be proved profitable.
  • In the secondary market for LEGO, the limited edition as well as seasonal sets usually get good price. The rarer the set is the better profit it gives.
  • Generally, the LEGO investments have started after 1999. Therefore pre-2000 sets cannot be a good investment option. While some vintage sets people preserve for viable collections, most of them confirm a flat value as their condition is very poor.
  • The LEGO pieces, boxes and their instructions should be kept in the excellent condition and these should be preserved properly in order to get higher reselling price.
  • Mini figures in LEGO are very valuable.

Gold IRA Rollovers – Secure Your Investment Today

With the economy being shaky and the stock market too volatile for secured investments, there are a number of reasons for people to be worried about their future. If you are looking for a good place to put your savings for the retirement, an IRS is a good place to start. They are safe and you will not have to worry about losing the value too.

Gold-IRA retirement planning starts with having one of your retirement accounts ‘rolled over’ to you (a so-called “gold Ira Rollover”) and then you put it into a gold account from where you can start investing in gold and other precious metals. Most of the time, a gold broker can help setup the account for you. The broker can buy gold on your behalf and make sure that your investment is safe and secured. Thus, if you are planning to invest in gold, you need to make sure that you are working with a TOP rated gold IRA company to handle your gold IRA.

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One thing you need to watch out for is the penalty fees. Many times, people are made to pay penalty fees for withdrawing money from their account and putting it is gold IRA. Your broker will be able to make sure that the money from your account is rolled over and not withdrawn, thus helping save money in the form of high penalty fees.

Rising from the Ashes – The Battle continues for the Gold Mining Industry

The Gold Mining industry has been doing exceeding well during the major part of the last decade. But however post 2012 the Gold Mining Industry is facing a challenging time. The industry has entered an inevitable downward cycle and it is still fighting its way to emerge and regain its previous position.

gold mining image

Gold is a finite and non renewable resource. Economic demand for Gold remains high over the years especially from the countries from the East like China, India and Turkey. The global supply of Gold on the other hand is slowly retreating owing to declining grades and lesser number of gold discoveries. This is causing a serious sustainability issue in the Industry thereby forcing the Miners to reduce the scalability of their existing projects and to be extremely cautious in taking up new projects.

Gold mining industry operates in complex geographies and it is the nature of the business that they need to constantly adopt new technologies, adhere to complex regulatory and compliance requirements and to remain flexible and responsive to the changing market trends. Whether it is a downturn or a recovering market, operational costs remain all time high and controlling cost without compromising on the quality is one of the major challenges. It is imperative for the companies to achieve operational excellence and attract more investors to flush in more funds into the business.

Over the years there has been shift in the attitude and approach of the Gold Mining Companies. There is an increased reliance on mechanization and renewable sources of energy. Data analytics and other sophisticated tools are being used for reducing cost and improving efficiency. The focus is more on cash return than production growth. Higher returns are declared to shareholders despite low profitability to retain the interest of the investors. Gold mining companies are divesting non core assets and acquiring more franchise assets. They are promoting shared value by creating alliances with Government, Labour, Miners and Communities. Projects from locations that are mineral rich but subject to socio economic and political turmoil are being reconsidered and in some cases withdrawn. The industry as a whole is trying to incorporate more transparency in their operations with the real time reports which not only helps them to take better decisions in managerial level but also establishes accountability into the system.

Regardless of all these efforts the Gold mining industry is experiencing a very slow recovery. The industry still has a long way to go to regain its momentum. But with slow and steady efforts it is managing to sail through this difficult phase. The aim should be not only to emerge from this downturn but lay a very strong foundation for the next mining cycle. More innovation, streamlining of cost and taking calculated decisions should always be the agenda of the Gold Mining Industry.

Protect Your Future with Gold Coin Investments

People are looking for a safe investment that will not be affected due to the turmoil in the world financial market. Most of the low risk investment options offer less returns that are not beneficial for anyone. Gold coin investment is an exception that is being considered by many. They are able to maintain a steady market value even during recession.

If you have decided to start investing in gold, there are many ways to purchase gold. While you can purchase jewellery, you will find the making charges to be extremely high. Thus, to safeguard your finances, one of the best options is gold coin investments. Gold coins are preferred over bars and jewellery because they can be shared or discussed with others rather than being have to be hidden away in lockers or banks. Many people see it as an inheritance that they can leave to their loved ones.

One can easily buy gold coins on the internet, but when you are investing so much money, you want to be sure that you are getting coins of the optimal value. Thus, it is best to talk to someone from an investment company, who have been dealing with gold coin investments for a long time and help you with the various options available to you.